BESPOKE Media Marketing

We are an Innovative, Creative, Disruptive,
Media, Marketing, & PR Agency and unrivaled experts in Multigenerational, Multicultural and
​Socially Diverse Marketing.

BESPOKE Media Marketing founded by New York Times Bestselling 
Author Nea Simone, is a Minority & Woman Owned multidisciplinary Media Marketing  agency  comprised of  creative, smart, and  results   driven  multi-generational  and multi-cultural  professionals  equipped   to scale up or down to  meet the needs of your project. We combine 
cultural insight and understanding with direct community relationships to create far-reaching, impactful campaigns that  successfully connect  with target audiences.

Through a multidisciplinary approach we create customized PR, 
marketing campaigns, and productions for a range of film, entertainment, publishing, cryptocurrency, blockchain an
consumer brands projects. 
We are unique in that our staff of millennials, Gen X & Yers, 
​provides a holistic view of society, 
cultures and motivators. As our name indicates, we develop a BESPOKE (custom), comprehensive and inclusive approach to each project. 

"We pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of independent film and television projects in various genres. We believe that building strong client relationships are incredibly important and we work closely with our clients to engender complete trust."  

We offer fully scalable, innovative and creative campaigns to meet the ever-changing media landscape, and demands of audiences. This often means adapting traditional routes to suit your needs. We have an extensive background developing and implementing  grass root campaigns,  strategic messaging on multiple platforms, and  creating exclusive, targeted & appropriate content.

We partner with influencers, taste makers, and game changers to attract and engage your unique audience! Our team communicates, builds, and demonstrates unparalleled commitment to every client from project kick-off through completion.

Our goal is to earn your business every step of the way!
We are a creative group of
​multi-cultural & multi-generational
dreamers and doers focused 
on converting consumers to
​drive exposure to your product or project!

"Imagination ​inspires ​
Vision is the impulse to fulfill the imagination."


Nea Simone
Nea Simone
​As Founder & CEO, entrepreneurial, energetic & committed best describe Nea. She is a multi-talented forward-thinking brand strategist specializing in creating customized marketing campaigns, PR & Event Activation's, key messages and brand development.

Her innovative approaches to consumer lifestyle awareness and brand integration set the stage for BMM's track record of success. She has an accomplished career in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Event Management.  

She is also a New York Times Bestselling author of Literary Fiction. Leveraging her knowledge of marketing, trends, & consumer lifestyle influencers has uniquely positioned her to understand the nuances of consumer engagement.
As our Production & Social Media Manager, Caramia effortlessy taps into and connects with the topics that interest millennials. With this insight  she develops compelling and shareable content.

Her approach focuses on boosting marketing ROI by crafting breakthrough marketing campaigns and high-impact digital experiences to discover the fundamental truth of a brand and expose it across the customer journey. This unique process lets us craft and launch phenomenal experiences for entertainment projects & consumer brand launches.​

Caramia Noel
They say a picture paints a thousand words! Aja leads our creative team to turn your message into a story that engages the target audience across multiple platforms  from developing your website & social media design to engaging posts. Aja has a profound sense of the influence of art on society and weaves these emotions into compelling graphics.  

Aside from Aja’s natural artistic ability, she is a prominent figure in the LBGTQIA Community of which she has been deeply involved as a non-gender identifying spokesperson, activist and renowned artist. Through her deep connections, we have been successful in tapping into one of the most culturally and socially diverse communities in America.
Aja Adams
Katrina Chanel
As Extraordinary Assistant, Katrina seeks and identifies integrated brand and customer experience stories by assessing key moments across all phases of the customer lifecycle to create breakthrough experiences that connect, disrupt, and engage.  

​She actively participates in the brand activations, marketing and media planning by contributing innovative ideas and opportunities to connect more effectively with  audiences and consumers.
Extraordinary Assistant
BESPOKE Media Marketing