BESPOKE Media Marketing


  • Our passion is managing the behind-the-scenes details so our clients don’t have to worry about   them.

  • Our goal is to represent our clients to the highest caliber by delivering superior campaign experiences.

  • Our objective is to delight you, our valued client, by helping you exceed your business requirements and expectations.
BESPOKE Media Marketing provides the professionalism, strategic thinking, and experience
of a large agency, but operates with the agility and
hands‐on client focus of a boutique firm.

We are uniquely positioned by offering an in‐house combination of public relations, creative services, and digital / social media capabilities. 

Collaborative marketing,
Project Management, P&A Management,
Sponsorship Procurement, Event Production.
​Our portfolio spans a large and diverse client offering...

  • Audience Identification & Mobilization
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Identity + Creative Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Branded Experience + Entertainment
  • Custom (Bespoke) Events
  • Content Creation
  • Event Production

  • Grassroots Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • LGBTQIA Marketing
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Promotional Marketing 
  • Public Affairs + Public Relations
  • Rebranding/Remodeling

  • Relationship Marketing
  • ​Specialty Niche Community Outreach​
  • Sponsorship Procurement
  • Social Media Campaign Development + Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • TV, Radio, Print, E-Marketing + Advertising
  • Urban Marketing

We specialize in creating innovative Marketing 
Strategies, that combine PR, Digital, Social and
Event Activation's for multi-cultural and multi-generational consumers nationwide. 
We deliver curated interactive media through 

our network of trendsetters, early adopters, 
advocates,activists and influencers who change or 
impact purchasing and viewing behaviors.

  1. Multicultural Marketing
    We believe that outreach activity within the community is key to understanding the audience. We combine cultural insight and understanding with direct community relationships to create far-reaching, impactful campaigns that successfully connect with target audiences. ​We approach multicultural campaigns strategically by socializing and mobilizing audiences. Then we focus on your core message, to develop two-way social opportunities that appeal to and engage your unique audience.
  2. EPK
    We create and develop effective Electronic Press Kit's that can be utilized as PSA's and PR for a variety of digital download options available to meet the workflow of airplay, radio, broadcast, print, and web use. If you are starting a new project, it is the perfect time to start developing your E.P.K., accompanied by your trailer or other video material we also provide various forms for distribution, i.e. on a flash drive an/or displayed on your website or landing page.
  3. Grassroots Marketing
    ​We utilize both visually creative and grassroots tactics by fine-tuning our strategy to maximize the message. We focus on and understand the lifestyle and ethos of the target audience and its community. Our approach is fluid and engaging to get the endorsements and participation from within the community as a social driver.
  4. Branded Content
    We develop dynamic, branded content employing your brand’s DNA to create engaging story-driven content to effectively communicate with consumers through a variety of media channels and platforms. We know that writing is an art and writing for success is a science. Bespoke ensures the digital content's style and tone fit your project and focuses on improving your web presence and target market exposure.
  5. Publishing Consultation
    We offer new and seasoned authors a sound Book Publishing strategy. We take into account the book's culture, to provide insights for: - book setup, - size, - type(s), cover design, - interior layout, - planning, & logistics through execution to expand the books reach beyond fan base across relevant lifestyle inventory to drive "shelf" awareness.
  6. Book Promotions & Campaigns
    Once your book is published we help to orchestrating an all-inclusive book promotions strategy to: 1. Implement a phased approach to prioritize media contact, drive awareness and story placement. We will broaden reach through relevant issues and vast current trends/issues and take into account relevant seasonal events, organizations and campaigns. BESPOKE Media Marketing will oversee and advise on the publishing process every step of the way.
BESPOKE Media Marketing